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You need to report any taxable gains resulting from crypto trades to HMRC in the UK. Luckily, calculating capital gains tax for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is easy with our Bitcoin and crypto tax calculator.

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Crypto Tax Calculator

The fastest way to calculate your UK crypto tax in 3 simple steps:

Import Transactions

Simply download reports from any exchange you've used and upload them to our crypto tax calculator.

Calculate Gains & Losses for the Year

Choose which trades, opening balances, losses and allowances to include in your report.

File Your Tax Return

Send your self-assessment to HMRC backed up by a fully comprehensive crypto tax report.

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Bitcoin Tax Software

Our UK specific Bitcoin and crypto tax software makes complying with HMRC’s mandatory crypto tax reporting easier than ever before.

And because our software is UK specific you can rest assured that your Bitcoin and crypto tax calculations will be performed with the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency, saving you time and money on inaccurate reporting that could lead to delays and even penalties.

Bitcoin Tax Reporting

A crypto tax self-assessment to HMRC will have to be accompanied by a detailed report outlining the date, purchase price and sales price for every crypto trade you have made during the reporting period.

Crypto Tax Helper makes your Bitcoin and crypto tax reporting effortless by producing a cohesive report that can be used to support your self-assessment and ensure submission approval.


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